May 14, 2017

Becoming a Teachers Pay Teachers Author

Who doesn’t love Teachers Pay Teachers?  There are not many teachers who can say that they do not love TPT, especially after buying or finding one of the many amazing products on the site.    The concept of TPT could not be any better; materials created by teachers for teachers.  I have found myself on TPT a lot over these first four years of teaching.  I have not, and probably should not, add up what I have spent because I know it would be a lot.  Throughout those years, I have also thought about creating my own products.  I first signed up to be a TPT seller over the summer.  But it took me awhile to be “brave” enough to post a product.  This past March, I posted my first two products and I have many more that I have been creating. 

Over this last month, I have had two big inspirations to create more products in my TPT store.  The first was the Teachers Pay Teachers Flock in Rochester, NY.  This was my first TPT conference!  It was such an informational, exciting, and enjoyable experience. I was able to meet so many kind and helpful fellow TPT authors.  I came out of this conference with so many ideas and countless tips & tricks.  One of those helpful tips was to sign up for Shelly Rees Focused Success Group.  I am just in the beginning steps of the course, but everything I have learned so far has been extremely helpful.  Her Facebook group has also allowed me to continue learning on how to expand my TPT store and helped me to connect with many great TPT authors!

I am taking it step by step and enjoying the process!  I hope one day that someone will download and find my products as useful as the countless products I have bought over the years.  I am excited to create resources for teachers by a teacher!

#TPT Flock 17!  I can not wait until next year's event! 

If you are interested in signing up for Shelly Rees' TPT Focussed Success Course, you can find it here on Teachers Pay Teachers!

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